Why AWM?

The holy trinity of our consulting practice is comprised of Knowledge, Passion and Excellence. Bounded by this trinity, we provide a very unique and an unsurpassed client experience via a set of distinct guiding principles:

Grow and learn
We strongly believe that every consulting opportunity provides us with a unique opportunity to learning and enrichment
Top class domain expertise
We will bring state-of-art domain knowledge, best of breed expertise, and demonstrated experience to every consulting engagement to ensure most efficient delivery of deliverables.

Prepared for surprises
Consulting engagement is like an uncharted territory where surprise is never a surprise. To be able to succeed, we adopt a flexible approach to our consulting roles. With our flexible approach we are always prepared for surprises.

Deeply involved yet totally detached
We are very conscious of the distinct line of separation between advisory and executive roles. We remain as a trusted advisor and, under no circumstances assume executive roles. In order to achieve the desired results, we will seamlessly engage with our client organization. In spite of our deepest involvement, we will maintain a desirable distance.

Top-down commitment and bottom-up implementation
In our management consulting roles, we often lead change. Change must be driven by top-down commitment and is not possible without bottom-up support. We deliberate with the top management, drive commitment and determine action plan. Then we implement the decisions taken at the top level to achieve the desired result. At this stage of our engagement, we enter into the client organization’s support system as a greenhorn. We are continuously challenged by the disdain of the support system and their understandable suspicion of our expertise. We will respect their experience, take them into confidence and contribute our value addition which will positively help us win the trust of the support personnel. Once this is achieved, top down commitment goes hand in glove with bottom up support and the desired results naturally follow.

Knowledge Transfer
We firmly believe in the power of knowledge. At every engagement, we will work closely with a designated senior executive. This resource will be our communication conduit and link to the organization. All of our activities, tasks, and deliberations will be shared with the designated individual. Knowledge pertinent to our engagement will be systematically transferred during the course of our assignment so the individual can fill in our role at the expiry of our contract.

Positive Attitude
We are thoroughbred professionals with a “Come What May” and “No Matter What” attitude. We will not default on our deliverables. Throughout the course of our assignment, we will provide the client with periodic status update on our effort. Prior to disengagement, we will make an end-of-assignment presentation which would not only capture the essence of our assignment but also suggests a roadmap for the future.

We will react quickly, positively and with enthusiasm. We are never too busy to perform and no task is too small. Our approach to consulting is hands-on.

Ethical behavior at all times and under all circumstances
We will serve our clients with loyalty, integrity, fairness, competence, independence, and objectivity. We will be guided by our conscience at all times.

True post contract disengagement and total confidentiality
At the end of assignment, we will truly disengage in all respects. We will consciously keep reasonable distance with all the client side executives and will not take any interest in the affairs of the organization. Total confidentiality will be maintained with respect to all information gathered and data developed during the course of our engagement.

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