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Srinivas Chaluvadi leads our interim/virtual/fractional CEO/CFO engagements. With over two decades of experience in virtually every aspect of executive management, Sri is passionately committed to take your business to the next level.

The goal of our engagement is to grow revenues; enhance profitability; build scalability; achieve superior productivity; and build intellectual property. For doing so, we will refine operational processes; develop best management practices; deploy cutting edge technologies; and build a strong pool of competent resources. Also, we will build trust; enforce standards; proactively manage risks; and ensure total regulatory compliance. The direct result of our contribution can be summarized in three short words "FASTER, HIGHER, LONGER" which simply means that our clients will quickly experience higher revenues and stay on top for several years into future. We are committed to building a sustainable business for you. At the end of our contract, our client will be a great employer; a knowledge driven enterprise with a significant inherent value; a highly respected competitor; a responsible corporate body; and a darling of the clients, investors and banks.

Please reach Sri at or (469) 536-8695 to schedule a no-obligation appointment. We will be pleased to present how AWM can make a measurable and meaningful difference to your enterprise.

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