Strategy Consulting

Our strategy consulting is focused on building scalable, competence driven, high performing and profitable business models for our clients. We will develop our client’s vision into a fully executable corporate strategy. We will closely work with the executive management and establish the organizational level goals; refine or define the types of businesses and/or markets to focus; and evaluate different strategic initiatives to be pursued. Opportunities for forward/ backward/ horizontal integration; and mergers and acquisitions will be thoroughly evaluated. Our consultants will work with your business unit heads to determine business unit level strategy in terms of positioning; demand and technology forecast; and differentiation. The strategy thus formulated will then be translated into discrete action plans for ease of execution and monitoring. We firmly believe that a strategy when properly executed will yield measurable results. We will therefore provide our clients with appropriate tools for monitoring corporate performance. We will partner with you in your journey from Vision to Performance Measures that work. In doing so, we will help you determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and provide you with templates for diagnostic use of accounting information.

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