Our Approach

Prior to an engagement, we will:

  • Define our scope meticulously so that the client knows what to expect and understands what the deliverables are. However, we will be prepared for scope creep, and will make sound judgments about how to handle client requests for additional scope.
  • Develop an explicit plan to update the client and handle issues.
  • Consider how we can adapt to the client’s style and culture
  • Provide a well-formatted, professional proposal

    During every engagement, we will:

  • Speak to the client in terms of the results they would get by working with us
  • Propose a solution only if it helps our clients address their top priorities and needs
  • Develop a unique value proposition to each of our clients and win their trust and confidence.
  • Carefully communicate with the client and drive them to make a decision
  • Set up ways to measure and track results for the client
  • Ask clients for advice about how we can improve and offer better services

    Typical Engagement Cycle

    Our typical client engagement activities include:

  • Relationship building
    Initial contact, preliminary problem diagnosis, assignment planning, proposal submission and contract signing
  • Data collection/diagnosis
    Purpose understanding, problem analysis, fact finding, data analysis and synthesis, and feedback to client
  • Action planning
    Developing solutions, evaluating alternatives, presentation of alternatives to client, and implementation planning
  • Implementation
    Assistance with implementation, adjusting proposals, and training
  • Termination/disengaging
    Evaluation, final report, settling commitments, plans for follow-up, and withdrawal

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