About Us

We are a Dallas, TX based full service corporate finance, strategy and management consulting firm with an affiliate office in Hyderabad, India. We take great pride in our approach to work with our clients at the shop floor level. As deeply involved advisors, we not only provide strategic advice and/or customized solutions but also stay with the client to make sure that our solutions are implemented. We believe in empowering corporate executives and managers with knowledge transfer throughout our engagement. At each of our consulting engagements, we commit ourselves to enhancing management performance, employee productivity, and organizational improvements. As part of our advisory role, we create a sense of clarity, balance, and focus across all levels within our client organization.

Typically, we provide our consulting services to emerging corporations, help them improve internal controls, and corporate governance; and achieve scalability so they could evolve into a better investment grade enterprise. If required, we will facilitate capital infusion via a strategic transaction and/or debt syndication. We continue our services after the strategic transaction, primarily to optimize synergies and make sure that the investor expectations with respect to corporate governance are met.

How we Evolved

We are a two decade old consulting firm that has moved up the value chain consistently over the years. The firm was founded in 1992 to provide design, detailed engineering and project management services for environmental and urban infrastructure projects including water, sewage, municipal solid waste and industrial waste management. In the late nineties, we focused on PPP (Private-Public Partnership) projects and expanded our service offering to include corporate finance so our clients could attain financial closure for their projects in a timely and efficient manner.

In the later years, we moved up the value chain to become a full service strategy, management consulting, and transaction advisory firm. In view of our strong domain expertise in engineering construction, real estate and urban infrastructure, our client portfolio includes several infra and real estate majors. But, we have diversified industry experience and have worked across multiple industry verticals.

Mission and Vision

It is our mission

  • To be the most trusted source for custom-built solutions that yield predictable results
  • To help our clients expand their horizons and achieve market leadership, and
  • To work through infinite possibilities and be a catalyst in creating opportunities for our clients

    It is our vision

  • To be a premier management consulting and transaction advisory firm.
    Service Level Goal

    To guide each of our clients with our deep insight and a 360 degree perspective so they will:

  • QUICKLY attain HIGHER revenue peaks
  • Penetrate and expand into markets FASTER, and
  • Retain market leadership LONGER

    We treat our clients exactly the way we want us to be treated. To achieve our stated service level goal, we are committed to the following values:

  • Competence – We will maintain our competence through continuing professional and ethical education
  • Loyalty – We pledge to put our client’s interest above that of ours
  • Integrity – We will perform all our engagements with honesty and truthfulness
  • Objectivity – Our reports, recommendations, conclusions, and advice will be truly based on verifiable data. Our judgment or decision making will never be based on prejudice, emotions, and/or subjective evaluations.
  • Confidentiality – We will not take advantage of our client’s confidential or privileged information. We will take every care to prevent the unauthorized access to such proprietary information.


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