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We are a Dallas, TX based full service corporate finance, strategy and management consulting firm with an affiliate office in Hyderabad, India. We take great pride in our approach to work with our clients at the shop floor level. As deeply involved advisors, we not only provide strategic advice and/or customized solutions but also stay with the client to make sure that our solutions are implemented. We believe in empowering corporate executives and managers with knowledge transfer throughout our engagement. Read more  


Corporate Finance

It is all about making timely availability of adequate capital to fuel growth.

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Accounting and Tax Prep

It is our pledge to provide reliable, accurate, and timely accounting services.

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Risk Management

Risk management is identification of risks, assessing the likelihood of an event occurring,

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Strategy Consulting

Our strategy consulting is focused on building scalable, competence driven,

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CXO Services

Srinivas Chaluvadi leads our interim/virtual/contract CEO/CFO engagements.

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